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Posted: October 20, 2010 in Software
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I thought long and hard about what the first review that I posted would be, and ultimately I couldn’t have made any other decision. I have been using Termites Seating Plan software for years and it’s currently my favorite program for improving my own efficiency as a teacher.

The technology: Termites Seating Plan

My impression: I have been using this software for the past three years and I absolutely love it. It is very user-friendly and saves me a ton of time.

Students are input into the program, and assigned relationships with other students. For example, if John and Sally are in your class and don’t get along (or they get along too well and are disruptive to the progress of your lessons) you can give their relationship a negative value and the program will seat them apart from each other. You can also specify if a particular student should sit in the front or back of a class. Termites also has a new feature that allows you to assign each student an ability level so that if you want your weaker students to sit at the front of the room, or to sit together, you can do have the program do that for you as well.

After you’ve listed your students and their relationships, you lay out your classroom by indicating where your desks are. Click “Generate” and within seconds you have your seating plan. If you don’t like it, you can generate again until you do.

The primary concern that I have with this program is that it’s not readily apparent to my students which side of the seating plan chart is the front of the room and which is the back. That’s my biggest problem… and after explaining it to them once it’s really no problem at all. (Edited to add: An email from Richard from tinyrock has brought to my attention the fact that the new version specifies which side of the diagram is the front on the printout- solved my only complaint! I’ll have to download the newest version asap, Thanks Richard!)

Possible uses in the classroom/ Lesson ideas: I think it’s pretty obvious what the uses of this program are in the classroom. I change my seating plan monthly, and it’s easy with this program. On the first day of the month the students know that when they come into the room there will be a new seating plan on the projector, and they automatically seat themselves accordingly.

Next month when I want to create a new seating plan I load my saved data file, change any relationships that I have to, and generate a new plan.

Pictures: (From the termites website linked below)

Add the names of the students in your class

Lay out your classroom

Ta da! Here's your seating plan. You can now save or print it as needed.

For more images see the Termites website.

Where can I learn more? http://termitesapp.com/

Rating: 4 stars

I highly recommend that you download the free trial and give it a whirl. If you’re still using a pencil and paper to do your seating plans I guarantee this will save you some time. The full version is $27.95 and with that you can download any new versions that come out.


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