My goals for my students

Posted: November 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I became a teacher because I felt helpless. I saw the world changing so quickly, and I couldn’t figure out where I fit into all the massive differences I was seeing from one day to the next. Ultimately, I knew that the best thing that I could do was help prepare young people for those changes.

Integrating technology in my lessons is one of my favorite things about teaching, but I’m not under the illusion that will help my students be more adaptable. It won’t take long for the technologies that are new and exciting today to become old news, so teaching students how to use any one specific technology is kind of a moot point. In my opinion, the important thing is learning to be flexible to new things.

Like all teachers, I have goals for my students. Over the past few years I’ve endeavored to adapt them to be more in line with 21st century learning.

What I want for my students:

  • To be curious, to ask questions
  • To be able to find information and determine if it’s reliable
  • To be able to speak and write convincingly and succinctly

That’s it, only three goals- but they are 21st century skills. I start every year by telling my students that many of them will likely end up in jobs that don’t even exist today… and then I ask them how I should prepare them for that. After some humming and hawing, I present them with these goals.

I hope the teachers who will one day teach my son have thought about how to prepare him for the world he will grow up in.

How do you accomplish 21st century teaching? What are your goals?

  1. Michael G. says:

    That first goal is very important for me too. I find that kids have been pampered in many ways to the point where they don’t think for themselves very well. I try and train them to be curious, ask questions (especially “why” and “how” questions) and come to their own conclusions. A teachers role is not to tell the students how the world works, but provide them with the tools, confidence and support to create their own understandings and make their own conclusions.

    A very good teacher requires goals and philosophies. Yours show a clear and lucid approach. You sound like a fantastic teacher. Keep up the good work!

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