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Posted: November 20, 2010 in Websites
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Most teachers with regular access to a LCD projector have played powerpoint Jeopardy with their class. I do it all the time, infact it’s something that I’m well-known for amongst the students at my school. Jeopardy is fantastic. Unfortunately, with powerpoint it’s finicky to put together, and I often found that I made mistakes when putting the slides together. Fortunately, there’s a website that now allows you to create Jeopardy templates quickly and easily.

The technology: JeopardyLabs

My impression:

JeopardyLabs is a very easy website to use, I’m pretty sure my grandmother could figure it out if she was so inclined. Aside from that there’s also a nice feature that allows you to search other templates for one that you might find useful. Knowledge of HTML is useful, but not required, and you can access or edit your templates from anywhere you can access the internet (as long as you have the link).

You don’t need to create an account to use this website. If you do become a member you can keep your templates private, have access to a list of your templates, and you’re also able to delete your templates. All of this doesn’t happen if you don’t have a membership. If you choose to become a member you choose how much you think that’s worth (I always admire it when website creators do this).

The downsides to this website is that you must have access to the internet to access your template. In a situation like mine (no wifi, yet) this presents a difficulty. Luckily for the rest of you, though, I think a lack of wifi access is pretty rare these days.

Possible uses in the classroom/ Lesson ideas:

Jeopardy is a great classroom game for students of all ages (I’ve used it with students ranging in age from 7-18), and I’ve found that after a while it’s a lesson that practically runs itself. I use Jeopardy for review before tests, but this website is so user-friendly that it could be used by students for presentations as well.


Where can I learn more?

Rating: 4 stars

  1. This is incredible! I have used various Jeopardy powerpoint templates and they are great….but fincky and time consuming. I have wifi access, so I will be sure to switch to jeopardy labs. I will also put the link on my blog. THANKS!

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