Let them go online (or eat cake, whichever comes first)

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I stumbled upon this article today, and I’m still not sure what to make of it.

Far be it from me to argue with an entire nation of teachers, but I think I’d like to respectfully disagree with the finding that “pupils’ work is suffering because of an obsession with social networking”.

If you have been regularly reading my blog you know that I have challenged myself to integrate more technology into my lessons starting in 2011. Obviously, 2011 hasn’t arrived yet, but I do have a small amount of experience using technology in my lessons (which is where the reviews have come from up to this point). So, with that disclaimer in place….

I’m pretty sure that students wouldn’t be “rushing their homework and doing it badly so they could chat online” if their homework required them to be online in the first place. If kids are spending all their time online, why aren’t we meeting them in the middle? They should still be demonstrating critical thinking, and knowledge of the curriculum, but why can’t they do so online? There are thousands of tools available to teachers to do this: from wikis, to blogs, to more specialized websites such as edmodo (which creates a social networking environment for educational purposes). If students are “obsessed” with social networking- let’s use that to our advantage!

As for the statement about handwriting, all I’ll say is this: how’s your doctor’s handwriting?

Finally, does anyone else find it ironic that the poll that found these results was conducted online?


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