Online Magazines in the classroom

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Websites
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I was happy to see that 7 Online Magazines for Kids That Are Worth a Read was linked in my twitter feed today, it’s a resource that I will be pointing my students to for assignments and personal reading. There are links to some classic educational magazines like National Geographic Kids, TIME for kids, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Discover Girls, Weekly Reader, Highlights and Popular Science.

My school library, like all school libraries, has subscriptions to many of these magazines (or at least the ones that have a print version). Print resources are great in a lot of ways, but online resources have so many more possibilities for the tech-savy student and teacher. Not only that, but there’s something about online content: my students are way more willing to read articles online than they are to read a hard copy (digital natives, indeed).

First of all, they’re free! Schools don’t need to spend any of their budget in order for their students to have access to the rich information that online magazines have to offer… and in the days of budget cuts and spending freezes, that’s always a good thing. Additionally, students are able to access the content from home (maybe you should use your class website or blog to link to them!) and you don’t have to worry about them getting lost. Finally, many of these websites offer interactive games and activities that students will find interesting and you will find relevant to your curriculum.

Students can (and should) link the articles to their blogs, use the content for research, and find articles that are relevant to what they’re learning in class. There are some great magazines in that article, something that is bound to apply to your students.


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