Roadblocks to technology in the classroom

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Plans
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Budget cuts, unsupportive administration, weary parents, disengaged students. These could be factors in any educational struggle, but for me they are the key components of my struggle to incorporate technology into my classroom.

There’s a reason why my teaching practice hasn’t included much tech up to this point: it’s isn’t easy.

I am insanely jealous of teachers who I follow on twitter who have 1:1 computers, or an entire class set of iPads. In my school, it’s a struggle to book  a computer lab (for some periods it isn’t available at all). We don’t have Wifi access, and only one mobile projector for the (very small) school. Each classroom has at least one computer, usually two.

With all these challenges, I do have a very supportive principal. He is usually on board to let me try anything that I want (obviously within reason) and is always behind me when it comes to new and innovative ideas.

In order to be successful with my challenge, I’m going to have to have some students who are excited about using technology: as much of it is going to have to be from home for them. I will be booking the computer lab as much as possible, but much of it will still fall on them and my success will depend on their enthusiasm (and therefore my enthusiasm as well).


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