What would happen if YOU were unplugged?

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Reflections

I came across this article this morning, about a mother who takes away her teenagers cell phones, ipods, laptops, and the television.

It’s likely that everyone reading this blog is a big fan of technology… and I obviously don’t refute its usefulness for a single moment. However, as the article shows, it’s also very important for everyone (especially kids and teenagers) to be balanced in their lifestyles and seek out entertainment and information from sources other than the internet.

Obviously we don’t all have to go to this extreme, but I plan on having a tech-free night for my spouse and I (our son is still way too young to care either way). I chatted briefly with my students today about this concept, and for a group of 15-18 year olds they were surprisingly accepting of the idea. A few even suggested that they might ask their parents to try it in their household.

  1. Interesting post. While a big advocate of the use of technology — especially in education — I’m also in agreement with the article that taking a break from technology and changing your routine is a good thing. It’s often harder to do than to say, however, because we’ve all become so accustomed to having technology at our fingertips all day long.

  2. martin warters says:

    Great post. A tech-free night is quite a big ask though!

    My wife and I went old school- with the same aim as you- and had a tech free night. It was great but hard to do. So much has become normalised in our routines. We never even thought to turn of spotify- it was just such a ritualistic aspect of the day!

    Will be interested to learn if you fair any better:)

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