This morning my school unblocked YouTube

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Reflections
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*Happy Dance*

The school tries, they really do, but when unblocking YouTube is seen as a progressive move- you have a problem (and a serious one at that).

Too often it is left up to the individual teachers to ensure that their lessons are technologically rich. Certainly, many teachers are stepping up to this task, but what about those who aren’t?

Too many students are leaving our schools with no idea about what is available to them on the internet or how to use the internet safely. For this reason integrating technology shouldn’t be an option, it should be mandatory.

“How to use the internet” should be the new “look both ways before you cross the street”. We need to show students how to use sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter safely. Unfortunately, that can’t be done if integrating technology is seen as a bonus rather than a requirement.

  1. Shana Ray says:

    Congrats on having YouTube unblocked at your school. It is up to educators like you and the many I have connected with on Twitter to be leaders in showing administrations that YouTube isn’t only funny cat videos.

    As Obama said yesterday, we are “We Are a Nation of Google and Facebook” and to deny technology and access to the online world is denying students knowledge that will help them throughout their careers!


  2. I agree, YouTube can be such a valuable resource for learning! We should all respect educators and trust their judgement in using it wisely in the classroom. In the edu-taining workshop I am currently developing for our company, Mystery in 3D, we plan on using technology to engage families long after our workshop is over. Love your blogs on this site, keep up the good positive energy!

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