One teacher’s experience with cell phones in the classroom

Posted: February 5, 2011 in Hardware
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The technology: Cellphones

My impression:

I’ll admit a bit of trepidation when I was considering this idea, but I’m glad that I finally decided to take the plunge. This little experiment has been, by far, the most well-received of my tech challenge. Almost all of my students have a smart phone, and those that don’t are very familiar with how to use them and were more than willing to share with a friend for the activities.

Classroom management with the phones was (and still is) a bit of an obstacle, but I’m going to stick with it because I can see the benefits and enthusiasm in the students.

Possible uses in the classroom/ Lesson ideas:

  • Students can use their cellphones to access websites like StudyBlue (you can read my review here). One activity that I tried this week was to have students create flashcards in StudyBlue for their friends on a concept that they had learned (I teach french and used this as review for grammar. Each student was responsible for one verb tense that they created flashcards for and shared with the other students). They then worked in small groups, reviewing the material together and using the flashcards to assess their knowledge.
  • I used PollEverywhere (look for the review on PollEverywhere next week when I’ve had a chance to really try it out) software during lessons to ask students a question about the material. They texted the answer and I could display the data right away, so I knew if they got it.
  • I haven’t had a chance to do this yet, but I think I might try and use voicethread next week for some digital storytelling, allowing the students to use their cellphones to comment on the material.

Where can I learn more?

Some of the ideas for this post came from this blog


5 stars. I’ll be doing this again and integrating it slowly with my other classes.

  1. […] some teachers probably are not using them correctly. Along with blogs as a learning tool, cell phones could potentially find use in the […]

  2. Great to hear you and your students are finding StudyBlue to be a useful tool in the classroom. While you know what works best in your classroom, another way we’re seeing a lot of teachers use StudyBlue is for quizzing. Students can create flashcard decks just as they’ve already done in your class, and then by simply pressing the “Quiz” button on the left-hand side of the screen they can convert these flashcard decks into a quiz.

    Just as FYI: here’s a guest post on the StudyBlue blog from a Spanish teacher using StudyBlue in her class:

  3. Greetings, I hope this finds you well.

    I just wanted to check in to see how things are going with your students and StudyBlue. Have they had the chance to use it? If so, what’s working well and what needs improvement? I’d love to hear any thoughts. Also, feel free to email me directly if easier.

    All the best,

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